An Alternative Investment Management Firm You Can Trust

Neighborhood Stabilization Capital Management provides an institutional platform for investors to gain exposure in niche sectors within the residential mortgage and real estate markets. Our experience, methodologies, and technologies create opportunity and value for our partners.

Over the firm’s history, NS Capital has supported the acquisition and management efforts for prominent commingled and single-investor family offices, hedge funds, institutional investors and private equity funds in the distressed residential debt and real estate related asset classes.

Our Areas of Expertise

Transaction Management

The senior team at Neighborhood Stabilization Capital Management has longstanding relationships with different institutions. These relationships include but are not limited to mortgage banks, thrifts, Wall Street firms, hedge funds, and governmental and nonprofit entities. We provide the expertise to manage all aspects of acquisitions, including sourcing, pricing, due diligence, trading, and contract finance.

Portfolio Management

We are in charge of various portfolios, from post-sale resolution to financial accounting and reporting. Our company also provides market-to-market, investor accounting, valuation, underwriting, and cash management services. We handle the necessary oversight and reporting to taxes, insurance, and collateral as well as the monitoring of special servicing and real estate disposition.

Real Estate Operations (REO) Management

Our in-house REO group manages all aspects of real estate disposition and uses state-of-the-art technology that connects all parties, including brokers, eviction attorneys, and closing agents along with an online offer management system enabling complete transparency.


Technology Platform

Transparency, vendor accountability, ability to identify risk, and drive strategy are major components of portfolio management excellence. Our proprietary Risk Management System (RMS) software provides deal management, workflow management, and interactive technology that divide the portfolio into a single asset and timeline risk map. We also have nightly data feeds from servicer and REO systems.